Annabeth Chase and Rachel E. Dare

(C) Rick Riordan

February, 2013.

What is a demigod?

Emma Watson in Noah (official trailer #2)


Maybe just glare less…


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Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus 30 Day Challenge!

Day 1: Favorite book
I’m gonna have to go with The TItan’s Curse, although House of Hades and The Last Olympian are very close seconds. Titan’s Curse takes first place though, mostly due to the sheer concentration of my favorite characters in it. It’s the book where Rachel and Nico are introduced, and they’re fab. Like for real Nico is my favorite character yo.
Also Thalia is hugely important and I love Thalia a lot. Also Zoe Nightshade wow what a perfect character aaaaaaa
Also Apollo and Artemis are two of my favorite gods and I love the representation of them in the book.
on top of that all the character development that occurs in this book is hella epic and the plot is super compelling, especially as it pertains to the characters and their motivation. I love looking back through and seeing where certain characters’ personalities and complexities have evolved.

(whispers also this is the first book with serious character death like woah)


Anna Armona

Watercolor, A4


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